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4 Things you need for you to design a good website.

In this section, You will learn 4 important things you need to be able to design a professional looking website. this is part 1 of website design course.

From the start, you should be able to identify all the tools that you need to Design a complete website. Being your own website or you are designing a website for clients. The truth is that different website needs different tools but almost every website will need these few things:


A computer is a must-have when you are considering creating a website. You cannot do without it. If you don’t have a computer for now and you are considering starting a web design business or you want to create your own website, don’t get discouraged; learn the skills and then find a miss of acquiring one.

Let me tell you what my fried did when he was starting out and he did not have a laptop. First, he used his phone to acquire the knowledge. Then he decided to be going to the cyber café to design his first website, each time he will go and pay 200 naira for one hour. Within that 1 hour he made sure he explore a lot of things, that was 1, because he had taken time to learn the skills and 2, because he was determine to know it. He just needed that practical aspect. Within one week he was able to finish his website, he didn’t even spend up to 1000 naira because he also use to borrow his friend’s laptop whenever his friend was not using it.

The challenge of using public computer is risk exposure. You may need to learn website security before you can use a public computer to design your website.

There’s a second option

Join my free course on telegram and you have the opportunity to earn a computer because we have a giveaway contest every week. Plus you will participate in importation training where you will learn how you can import your own computer from China or the US as cheaply as possible.

Access to the internet

We all know that you can’t browse the internet without data, talk more when you are designing a website. To design a website, you need very strong data, because you are going to carry heavy files from one location to the other on the internet. But don’t worry, I got your back covered, if you join my telegram group, you have the opportunity to earn data for yourself every week.

Domain name

A domain name is the address of your website. Let’s say for example if someone who has never come to your physical home call and said he needed you to give directions to your home. What you will send to that person is the address that will take him to your home, and if that person follows that address, they will get to your home right? That’s what a domain name is to your website. This is my domain name for example now if you click that my domain name it will lead you to my website.  A domain name is sold between 8-16$ for the first year depending on the domain extension and the company that is selling it. You can learn how to purchase a domain name here.

A domain name always has an extension called “Top-Lever Domain”. A top-level domain refers to the last segment of a domain name, or the part that follows immediately after the “dot” symbol. Example .com, .info, .net, .edu, .org, and so many of them. For my own domain name as in above website, the extension/Top-Level Domain is .com.

A hosting account

A hosting account is a place on the internet where your files are kept. It’s like a room in your home where you keep your items, each time you want to use any of the items you just pull it out from there and make use of it. That’s how hosting account is, your files are kept there so that you can easily use them to manage your website. In the subsequent section of this training, you will surely learn how your files are safe in your hosting account and how you can use them to manage your account. But before that here is how to register a hosting account

So you need a hosting account when you are considering designing a website. There are Nigerian local companies that sell hosting, which are relatively cheap compare to international hosting companies but the difference is clear, they have a lot of limitations. But they are still not bad for a start because you can move your website to another hosting company anytime you want. So if you are on a low budget, I encourage you to buy your host from one of the following local hosting smartweb or qservers

Thank you for joining me on the website design course. I hope you have learned something from it. If you have any question regarding my courses, contact me directly on my contact form or find me on FacebookTelegramInstagramYouTube or talk with me directly on WhatsApp at +2349093419617

You can also join me on my free e-commerce group on telegram on this link please, this group is strictly for online marketers or those who aspire to start their own business.

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