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How to purchase a domain name

Like I said in part 1 of this course, a domain name is the address of your website and can also be the name of your website like I will show you in my next article how you can get a free domain name.

This is part 2 of this website designing course, if you haven’t read part 1 of it, you can find it here, Or you can find the video on my YouTube channel. You need to start from part 1 so that you will gain a better understanding of how to design a professional-looking website. In this section, we will be looking at where and how to buy a domain name for our website.

Which company is selling domain names?

There are so many companies on the internet that are selling domain names but I will just mention what I recommend and the ones I have used before. We have local Nigerian companies that you can buy domain names from, though they are hosting companies but they also  sell domain names. Good thing about these local companies is that they can be cheaper, though they have their downside.

 List of local companies that sells domain name:




Though I have never used any local company but I have colleagues in the industry who are using them and I can also find out more about a particular one on your behalf if you want to buy your domain name from them. Just contact me if you need that kind of help. That’s why I’m an infopreneur princess, I look out for trending info about E-commerce on your behalf.

But I will recommend the best, they are among the ones I have been using.

List of companies that sell domain name

–          Godaddy: This is one of the largest domain name sellers that I know of, millions of domain names on the internet are bought from godaddy.  This can be because of the excellent customer service and they offer other services such as domain name generator and more.

–          Domain: Domain is one of the companies you can comfortably buy your domain name from. They are relatively cheap and can be sure to get a good response from them when necessary.

–          Namecheap:; namecheap offers cheap domain names with the most reliable service. I’ve really not bought domain names from them but I did a kind of research about them and they are good as well. If you want to buy your domain name from them, go ahead and do so.

There are still thousands of domain name companies out there that are very good, but for a start, these ones are more than enough for you. As time goes on, you will discover the ones that are really perfect for you, because this is how these things work, all of them operate almost at the same level, except for some few. But what works for you might not work for the other person.

How to purchase a domain name

To purchase a domain name, visit the domain name company website and register with them, though you can still sign up in the process of buying the domain name, in either way, you will have to register/sign up with them.  You see the reason I told you in  part 1 of this course that you need an email? There’s no way you will do business with any company  on the internet without using your email to register with them. To register to any website on the internet, click on the “sign up” or “register” option on that website and fill the form that it presents to you. Make sure you always put an active email and if there is an option for a password, put a password that you won’t forget easily. Type other details correctly and summit.

I’m going to use Godaddy to make this illustration.

First visit and you will see their homepage like this.

godaddy in website design

the above image is the homepage of Godaddy website. you can see a lot of information on that image. take your time to look at it, or visit their homepage and read everything yourself so that you understand if you are really serious in learning website designing.

As you can see, I indicated some very important items with red on the image. As of when I’m writing this article, they are running a promo, I always like to buy my things online on promo. At this time of promo, you can buy a domain with a dot com extension from GoDaddy for 1 pound for the first year. note that from the second year of purchase, you will be paying more than 10 pounds for that same domain name with GoDaddy.

Let’s purchase a domain name from GoDaddy

I want to be more practical here. let us go ahead and buy a domain name so that you can get used to the features. what name should we give to our website? let’s give it webtrainingpart2, remember you need to choose an extension. A domain extension is very important when it comes to your website. For easy access to your website, It better to always use dot com, But you can actually use other extensions depending on what your website represents.

When you get to godaddy homepage, type in your desired domain name in the filed that says: ‘Find a perfect domain name’ like in the image below.

godaddy in website design

As you can see in the image above a dot com extension costs 11.99 dollars, I indicate the price with a red arrow. like I just type in my desired domain. Let me show you in an image.

domain name search

Remember that our example domain name is webtrainingpart2, as you can see in the red box. When you must have type your domain name click on ‘search domain’ which is at the end of that field as indicated in the above image.

When you click on the search domain field, a window will pop up to tell you if your desired domain name is available or has been taken. Remember, I told you in the first part of this course that if domain has been registered by someone else, you won’t be allow to buy it again, except you contact the owner and buy it from them.

Let’s see if our example domain name is available.

Domain name available

Yes, it says our domain name is available with dot com extension, and the price is 1 dollar per month. note that you need to pay for at least 1 year. another thing to note is that this domain is 1.5 dollars but they’re giving out at this time for $1. If you scroll down the page, you will see other options of domain extension and their prices. see some of them in the image below.

domain name extension

Domain name extension

You can see many different domain extensions, dot info, dot store, dot net, dot live, dot org, dot global. there are just so many of them, I could screenshot all. But you can go there and find out. Each domain extension has a different price.

when you select your extension, click on ‘add to cart’ and then continue to cart. AT this point you may see that your bill is higher than the domain price that you selected. That means you need to deselect some other products that are adding to your cart automatically. see the below image

domain name course

make sure you select ‘no thanks’ everywhere as I did in the image. and continue. At this point sign up and pay, that’s all you now own a website, it’s time to design your website. This is part 2 of website design course. below is the link to part 1 if didn’t start with it, find the link.

4 Things you need to design a professional website.

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How to install files on your website

Thank you for joining me on the website design course. I hope you have learned something from it. If you have any question regarding my courses, contact me directly on my contact form or find me on FacebookTelegramInstagramYouTube or talk with me directly on WhatsApp at +2349093419617

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