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What to consider when choosing a hosting provider

In this section, I’m going to take you through some basic and most important things to keep in mind when choosing a hosting provider. 

This is part 4 of this course, “how to design a professional looking website without learning to code”. So if you didn’t start this training from part 1, please, do well to go through from part 1 so that you can understand it well. 

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 In the first part of this course I promised to tell you what makes a good hosting company right? This the time to fulfil my promise. 

I have so many people asking me which is the cheapest hosting company they can use. My answer may surprise you but there are more important things to look at in a hosting company than the price. That’s why I decided to add this part in this course. 

There are so many hosting companies around the net, but not all fulfil the basic need of hosting. 

3 most important things should be carefully observed before making your decision on which provider is best for you. Although most of the things to consider will depend on your individual needs, I’m going to point out the common ones that every website should look for in a hosting company. 

1. speed

One of the most challenging parts of a website is the loading time. Have you ever try to access a website but it keeps turning and loading like forever? It makes you wait and wait, even though you are sure that your internet connection is good, but the website will not open. It’s so annoying right? Yes, I know that shit!  One of the things that causes that long loading time is your host. 

So when choosing a hosting provider read reviews and ask questions to people who have been there before you to know the best hosting provider for your needs. In part 3 of this course i made some recommendations for hosting, if you want to be sure of which hosting is best for you, you can go back and read again, or find the video on my YouTube channel. But you can go here and host your website with Bluehost, that’s my favorite. 

Internet competition

Keep in mind that there’s a lot of competition out there, especially in the internet market. Whatever you think you are doing on the internet, there are more than a thousand people doing the exact same thing, some even doing it better than you. So if your website is taking more than 2 minute to load/open, know that people will get angry and move to the next competitor, and be sure that they may never come back to your website ever. And when one person leaves your site, and moves to your competitor, you have lost a potential customer. 

Although there are other things that can make your website to be slow such as large image size, your host will contribute largely to your website speed. 

Here My recommendations 

  • Bluehost 

Remember that you can always move your website to another hosting provider whenever you are not satisfied with your current provider. 

2. Support team. 

You may say, Acha, what does the support team have to do with the health of my website. But I can tell you, in every business customer care should be well organised but for internet business, customer care is where the sales are made. 

So another important aspect to consider in choosing a hosting provider is whether they can respond to your need within the shortest time possible. That’s why I always encourage you to read reviews and ask questions, don’t at the price first even though price is important. Find out if they will respond to your need within seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, or forever haha. 

You might not understand this from the very beginning until you face a challenge on your website and only your host can help you. I have experienced some of these things and I know what I’m talking about. 

At one point some of the pages of my website were reading error, that means no one could access those pages, I tried all I could to fix it but to no avail, I knew I needed the help of my hosting. When I contacted them with my plight, guess what! I was told; “thank you for contacting us, we will get back to you, our response time is 10 hours” oh my God! 10 hours? My eyes rose up and the veins in my body grew fat and became very visible, and my blood started running to and fro very fast. 

think of this hosting challenge this way

Imagine you wake up in the morning to go and open your business place, just to et there and realize that the business door is cocked and that the key you came with cannot open it and that the only key that can open your business place is with someone who is just a stone throw away, and when you call the person to come and open the door for your; he say something like “ÿes, i have the key with me, but i can only open it in 10 hours’. That could be awful because that business day is lost. 

But the above situation is far better compared to  what we are discussing here. Your website should not be closed down for any reason for more than 5 minutes. If your physical business place is closed for a day or two, you will open and your regular customers will still patronize you and even ask you of where you’ve been and you will have time to explain, then all goes normal.

But once people could not access your website for just minutes, they may think that the website had been shot down, or it might be involved in some fraudulent activity and they will never come back to try again. You see, the consequence is heartbreaking, you have not just lost customers you have lost reputation on the internet. That’s a catastrophe!. 

3. Price: 

I have to add this one to make you know that it is important as well. As a beginner, you should look for a hosting provider that will not clean your bank account but can still meet your needs. I always advise new entrepreneurs to always test ground first, before making a big investment. Even if you have done your market survey and you are sure that your investment is secure. Please, still choose the cheaper hosting because you may need to change some things. 

Thank you for joining me on this course, you can contact me directly through my contact form or find me on Facebook, Telegram, Instagram. 

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